2006 12/10 - 2006 12/31

Post Document

In 2006, a new generation of artists tried to develop a new language that can be part of our every-day living, rather than restricted by unchangeable classical procedures. The clues of these can be tracked in the previous Taipei Biennials, like Great Theatre of the World,Do You Believe in Reality?, and also Dirty Yoga in 2006. In using art as a common response to reality, and visual image as the communal presentation, both shows the representation of art is an extension from our daily perspectives and directions. It re-situate in a relationship of art-as-reality. In retelling of current living conditions, it expresses a view of contemporary world. Our society might exist in a methodology of constant re-interpretation layering. Medium of our mental extension angles on times of change and flow, and the shifting forms and mediums in art-making. Some recent artworks also often show trends for document and documentation, such as in Yi Jen-Jen photography, document files, or objects. It points to a journey, a documentation, an environment or an event, etc.. In these series of practices, constructions or relations, they re-form a way of reflecting reality. The responses in Post Document presented here describe the process of a series of signs in genetics happenings.


  • 2016 05/21 - 2016 07/03

    Open Contemporary Album 2016

    Open Contemporary Album 2016 is a creative collaboration among nine members of the Open Contemporary Art Center. The lack of a specific title for the exhibition offers an chance to reflect upon how an artist, as part of a co-run organization, constructs a relationship with other members through his or her own art practice.

  • 2013 12/07 - 2014 02/08

    ThaiTai : A Measure of Understanding

    Following the end of the namesake demonstrated in Bangkok Art and Culture Center in 2012, ThaiTai: A Measure of Understanding toured to Taiwan for exhibition and was highly marked as the cooperation project milestone between Taiwan and Thailand. It inherits and emphasizes the significance in the interaction process... 
    Lee Jo MeiChou Yu ChengLin ChiweiWu Chien HsingChiu Chen HungChiu Chao TsaiFan Hsiao LanShih Pei ChunChi Kai YuanHsu Chia WeiSyu Jia JhenChia Chen JenHuang Chunzhen + Liu Youcheng + Liu YuqiaoChang En ManYeh Wei LiLiu HojangLo Shih Tung

  • 2014 01/01 - 2014 12/31

    One Work Exhibition Project

    Our One Work Exhibition Project perpetuates the objective (spirit/aim) with which Open-Contemporary Art Center was founded. We introduce contemporary artists who possess a creative vocabulary by having them participate in year-round alternative exhibitions, in which a single piece is exhibited at a time. We invite curators to select the works of five or six artists for every exhibition — each lasting from Tuesday to Thursday. During the exhibition,  artists conduct dialogues with the audience by inviting them to speak. Through conversing with other artists, the creators may re-examine their works. Also, following the conclusion of all exhibitions, we will invite professional art critics along will all participating artists to hold a large seminar concerning the project series.